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Based in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

To Stories.

My name is MikaEl Fekadu aka Mika, I create, polish, and extend brand imagery and experiences that help tell a story and bring people together. I'm inspired by new ways to convey a story through images, identity systems, and websites, and I enjoy putting platforms and media to their best use.

Stories fascinate me because of how they change our perspectives and experiences of Ideas. I love telling and presenting captivating tales through the medium of designing visuals and platforms. I'm obsessed with figuring out how to "say/do it better," as in present the story in a way that's more appealing, flexible, and potent… where every element feels well-considered.

A System Developer by Training, I went to Addis Ababa university to study Information Science. In my time in the university, while I loved writing code and building systems, I was drawn to the experience side of systems development, where the goal is to solve the problem in a way that is interesting to the user, which started my pursuit in Graphic Design and Brand Development.

I worked as both an in-house designer and as a freelancer. Currently, I’m working in Spectrum Brand Solutions, a creative agency I co-founded a few years back. In terms of my professional life, I consider myself rather privileged because I was able to pursue what I love while also working with some incredible people who thought me immensely.

I design story-based visuals, experiences, brand Identity frameworks that help clients communicate their value to their target market.

& Promotion

I help clients position thier brand by articulating their story, target market and tone and execute the items into visual frameworks, social media campaigns, web experiences.
The driving principle is to resonate with the target market.


Spectrum Brand Solutions

My Day Job, and thus how i actually take on projects with clients, Spectrum is a creative agency based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, It is where I along with my partner and the creative team to help clients grow their brands in the market to reach their audience & spark conversations.

In 2018, Me and two of my partners co-founded Spectrum with the primary Why-s of Respect of the craft, developing tailored solutions, story-centric solutions. The primary purpose of every engagement is creating visuals and marketing tools to our clients to shed a new light on products, personalities, initiatives & events.The approach is elegantly clear -Create functional + aesthetic Brand Strategies, Brand Identity Frameworks, Printing solutions, Websites and social Media Campaigns.

Through the years we have co-crafted some great projects with awesome results explore the website for more information.


ZenachWear Store

Zenach Wear is an online apparel + accessories store, It alows customers to explore a catalog of custom-made designs. Its the marketplace for the modern Ethiopian man, woman, kids and family to enjoy each chapter of their life with style.
Its a new way to shop since the traditional way in addis is an in-shop experience while that way has its value, zenach wear presents a new experience with lots of tailor made items to choose from . The philosophy of zenach is celebrating you. Its a way to celebrate each chapter by expressing themselves from the lazy days to the gift of the first birthday of your friends birthday. its where you get to Be-You.....tiful
The Brand has a social media engagement where customers actually have a say, it has a transparent shopping process with the option of delivery. products are categorized into collections with filters to easily get to the exact product with a flexible set of options of fit and color, It is the place where i do my Merchendise work . Check out the website you might find something you like,
P.s. would love to hear what you thought of the experience too

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Arif Designs Community

Arif Designs, an online community of Ethiopian Designers, Visual Artists, Creative Thinkers to share Ideas, Resources and have discussions on different topics about design.
Being a self-thought designer my self, I also went through the hurdles in the pligrimage of learning design. Some of the elements though can be changed....with in a few minutes conversations with a mentor or another eye to look at the artwork some I descovered critical princeiples, work flows, resources
Arif design Started as a community that does just that, the idea is simple its a platform where creatives connect with eachother, Showcase their work and get feedback, and Share what they dimmed "arif" weather its an inspiration, news or resource.
I myself connected with lots of arif designers along the journey, one of which Dawit Anagaw, has become a close friend, amazing contributor and an arif co-founder.
You can Explore + Be Part of the Arif Designs Community by clicking the Explore button below.

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Some of the awesome people i got to work with