Erua: Typographic tribute for a New Hero


Rophnan Nuri Muzeyin, known by his stage name Rophnan, is one of my favorite Ethiopian musicians, a singer, songwriter, DJ, and audio engineer, he has always pushed the envelope of artful storytelling through sound
he presents a nuanced perspective about the ideas he presents in his music

my type of musician notices a perspective that may be in society, another song, or in their head….
the interpretation becomes the core of the message…. the art of it helps the listeners enjoy a new perspective
with a blend of rhyme and reason that’s the interpretation part the sharing part is what makes the concept complete
the desire to share the interpretation drives the creation while staying humble to the right goal

starting from the days of DJ Rophi Rophnan has been sharing his unique interpretation of previous songs, ideas that made us enjoy the song in a whole different way

In 2021, He Released an Ep (Extended Play: with a collection of tracks) with three tracks that are packed with gems and references that give an alternate and dare I say more relevant meaning to our heroes.

What gravitated me towards the EP Focuses on the Human in Us before all the extension of country, history, and pride. It focuses on the togetherness and meaning of our father’s contribution.

In a time of tension and separation of ideas and identities, the tracks are truly a breath of fresh air, I was hooked from the first day of listening to the songs….out of the three I Loved the song Sekela so much and wanted to spread the message to reach even more people

The song conveys a new, deeper, and more relevant definition of a hero and coming together for a better + proud Generation

The Design focused on the catchy word Erua, (እሯ) Which is something our grandparents used to say when they defend their values, soil, and soul.

The Mark

The designs were extended to many colors which came together in a tribute video you can check it out below, and a Sub to the channel would be deeply appreciated 🙂


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#stackingammo The Man | The Idea & The IN-spiration

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