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Bringing out the lion: Caffe Tomoka Logo reimagined

I’ve been going to Tomoka for more than ten years, and each visit brings back vivid memories, from the jump-start espressos to the business negotiations, meetings, and decisions made while standing “literally” on your feet. As I became more attached to the brand during those years, I also developed a pet peeve with the logo,… Read more »

#stackingammo The Man | The Idea & The IN-spiration

About 5 years ago I started posting designs with the hashtag #stackingammo and a bunch of friends and followers asked me what it means I thought I might break it down in hopes of sharing the adventure of the journey First a disclaimer, Stacking ammo is a term used by one of my favorite rappers… Read more »

Erua: Typographic tribute for a New Hero

Rophnan Nuri Muzeyin, known by his stage name Rophnan, is one of my favorite Ethiopian musicians, a singer, songwriter, DJ, and audio engineer, he has always pushed the envelope of artful storytelling through sound he presents a nuanced perspective about the ideas he presents in his music my type of musician notices a perspective that may… Read more »

Profound in the Profane: Movie quotes Typography

My Fascination with telling stories through the medium of visuals is highly influenced by Movies, Stand-up comedy, and music. The precision and meticulousness of the art of cinema captivates me and inspires me to do more, I love how a single scene or line can represent an entire feeling an entire philosophy once you see… Read more »